Mugig B Flat Clarinet 17 keys with Copper Keys, Obust Contoured Carrying Case and Caring Kit, Perfect Instrument for Beginner, Solo or Ensemble

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Any age at which children change their front teeth is suitable for learning the clarinet.

Mugig B Flat Clarinet 17 keys:

The treble zone is loud and clear; Alto area expressive, pure tone, clear and beautiful; The bass zone is deep, vigorous and full.

In addition to independent performance, they can also participate in ensembles and ensembles.

Contains instructions, explained in detail the assembly and maintenance.


Newly bought instruments, in the first two months, do not play more than 30 minutes a day, about 15 minutes is enough, because the newly bought instruments is very dry, cannot adapt to the environment is too wet, if the environment is too wet then it will be easy to crack.

For the new use of musical instruments in the first playing time should be short (about 5 minutes), the second 10 minutes, the third 20 minutes, and remember to apply BORE OIL on the inner and outer pipes, to prevent the wooden tube from breaking

Apply cork oil regularly to the clarinet and protect the cork, but the frequency is not too high.

Regular erasing keys, the keys should pay attention to avoid collision.


Weekly maintenance:

Detail cleaning: with the tube cleaning measures, use sound hole cleaning rod on the underside of the button, clearance and other parts for detailed cleaning.

Monthly maintenance:

Key check: check whether the key condition is flexible, you can use a small brush or waste brush to remove dirt from the gap; Check if the screw is a loose, a small amount of key oil can be dropped by the key screw to maintenance.You don’t need to unscrew the screw. Don’t drop it too much, one or two drops is enough, then move the keys, If key oil is attached to the pipe body, wipe it clean.

Sound Hole cleaning: Use the sound hole cleaning stick to clear the dirt on the button sound hole


The maintenance after playing:

1.Clearwater in the tube: get the cloth (M) through the tube and completely clear the water.Please dry the joint carefully with clean gauze (Polishing gauze)to avoid cracks. [(M): refers to the middle-type cloth];

2. Mouthpiece cleaning: Be sure to remove the reed after playing it and dry the water for safekeeping. The mouthpiece should be cleaned after blowing, then cloth inserted into the joints and clean water.

3. Remove the pad moisture: put the absorbent paper sandwiched between the pad and the sound hole, be careful not to damage the pad.

4. Clear surface dirt: gently wipe along the tube by using a cleaning cloth (POLISHING CLOTH), do not press the button to avoid pad damaging.

Note: to avoid damping musical instruments, the cloth, and the instrument should be placed separately after cleaning.

Package include:

Gloves X 1
Through Pipe Cloth X 1
Screwdriver X 1
Cork Grease X 1
Reeds X 2
Desiccative X 1
Cover Cap X 1
Instructions X 1
Soft Cleaning Cloth X 1

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